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Goodbye World, Hello Dutch

This is my blog! I'm Fiona and I'm going to be working in Belgium for 3 months, this is a blog of me and my journey, oh so exciting but if you're bored it might be a good read.

This is for vicki's sake

but I refuse to record every poo I have...


this blog is PICTURE HEAVY (ish) and any more photos can be found on my flickr

Dutch Hates & Pet Peeves

Hm still got a lot of entries to catch up on but anyway (and if I do catch up and someone reads it after I do the catch up, this'll make no sense so just ignore it)

1) The Cycle Path

here in Europe, being European, cycling is more welcomed with open arms, because it just is. There's better cycle paths and a hundred shops of bikes and accessories and the whatnot. There's in fact a load more cycle paths and they get priority on roads including on one way systems and crossings. However people just fail to realise its a cycle path meant for cyclists.
I find my thumb often lingering of my bell which I never used back at home (if I had a bike at home) but you find a many people walking on the paths or about to step on without looking. MORONS.
example: a few weeks ago I was cycling to work and I see a woman carrying a basket of laundry (there was a wassalon on the street) I ring my bell to tell her to 'get the fuck out of my way' instead, she slowly turns around (but I can't remember if she had a clueless face or a smile like 'yes dear?') and is still standing on the FRICKING cycle path as a speed towards her which causes me to go off the cycle path onto the pavement as I work my way around her... seriously, what!
and today for example, I was cycling to the big supermarket which is on the outer ring of Hasselt and some old woman is walking beside the path. Now as a cyclist or a person driving a car you know when someone is going to do something stupid. She steps out which is not far form when I'm about to cycle into her so I ring the bell and she casually walks back onto the pavement and turns and looks at me.
Worst is when people park on the cycle path, that does my nut in, which brings me to

b) Car Drivers
They're sort of like typical British. I didn't see you therefore I will keep on driving, and yeah so what if there's a crossing here, I'm in a fucking car. Though one time it was my fault, I was getting off my bike and couldn't stop the momentum and ended up walking fastly across the crossing without looking, oops. Didn't mean the whole car with the family shoved inside had to stare and look at me like 'wtf I''ll kill you'.
And there also seems to be odd road usage like on speed bumps infront of turn offs and stuff and there's lack of road signs and who has priority so I usually take the priority. Bah

c) Scouts
Never in my life have I ever seen a teenage boy in a scouts uniform. Until I came here. Seriously, I laughed so hard but now they're just ANNOYING. They're everywhere on the weekends, in hordes hanging about, or going to places with their leaders, or coming up and selling you really crap stuff like pens (that apparently don't work or break) or marzipan, which I despise. And they're loads, and they look stupid in their stupid scouts uniform and they do stupid things, like blow condoms over their head. NO JUST WRONG. Go away I don't care for your mass horde.

d) Foreign Haters
I'm in a small city so there's not a lot of Chinese people, which by all means gets me stares when I'm cycling to and from work. Its like, they've never seen one before except on telly and now they can see a breathing, live one. They seem to only see them at the Chinese supermarket (which only recently I've finally found!). Bah to them!! And I don't speak much Dutch other than thank you and other useless things so when I order things from shops its difficult to get across what I want but today took the piss. I've ordered a pizza slice from this place before (which is in the mall section of Hasselt) and they know I dont speak Dutch so because I went without eating antyhing because I needed to go shopping before the shops shut I got myself a slice. I paid her 10eu but I only got back 2eu something. I was thinking 'hold on, 7eu for a fricking slice?' I went back and said I paid 10eu. She looked at me then started having some hissy fit to her coworkers and staring at me like she wasn't going to give me my money back but I stood there waiting for it. So eventually she gave in and handed me my 5eu with reluctancy. I mean WTF its MY money, get off you stupid old hag she gets plenty of business because that pizza, is just well nice. LOL

d) Prices

everything is so pricey no thanks to recession! and food in Belgium is soso expensive anyway by at least 30%. Its bad, very bad especially when you lack money because student loans isn't coughing up. I think I've spent 200+ for my 1 and a half months here.....and 2/3 of it is on food!! (and drink, non alcoholic btw)

Unusual Day

I thought today wasn't going to be that unusual but when I was sat eating Serge was saying stuff to the rest fo the staff at the table and they were all laughing. Vera then turns to me to tell me, that someone has pooped in the men's toilets and has left traces of it in on the basin. Griiiiiiiiiiiim. Serge goes off to take a picture of it which he then proceeds to show people to their much disgust lol. He then mails it out to everyone in the office which by the way is quite an open place and all you could hear for the next 20 minutes was either laughter or sounds of disgust which included Bab's shouting 'ewww yuck!!'

I will have to hunt the pic and post the vulgarness here lol...

on my way home from work after getting my email flooded by the office about the poop disaster, I find some moron sat on the cycle path facing towards the road. At first I thought he was a homeless person but I see when I get closer he's holding a camera so I turn to see what he's taking a picture of. I see other student looking people and then I spot a caravan high up. I'm like whaaaaat?

I don't really get time to look and I was contemplating going back but I didn't want to deal with the student people so I head home for a few.
I return back to the spot and on the side the caravan is on. I find it. Its a caravan stacked up on those wooden panels they use in warehouses they put stock on. The lights are on inside and i think there's a water tank on top.

Bad Luck

Today was full of bad luck, started off when I hit they hay at 1am ish, couldn't sleep for a while. Woke up at about I dunno, 8am? I decided to be lazy and stay in a little more, why not? Which is what I've been doing for the past week or so, not good!! When I do get up I'm dillydallying about getting my stuff together and then I realise its getting later, blaaargh! I also need to buy food for my day ahead! I race out and grab my bike and head on out. Only to discover theres a thin layer of frosting everywhere.

Seriously Russia, quit blowing your crap our way!

So I'm cycling in the cold, cold cold. The half flake/hailstone things hitting my face like sand, which as you all know, freaking hurts!!! And somehow, just somehow I'd face the wind! oooh the agony.

As I'm cycling in a daze at trying not to get run over by crazy Dutch and hit a small bump and some clinking sounds. I look around for amoment, having scared some passerby's and I glance behind me whilst still cycling. Some MORON has smashed glass on the cycle path and it was hidden in the whiteness other than it glinting in the car's lights. A few yards down I stop and inspect my back tyres which I'm sure is where it got stuck to... no damage, no flat tyres so I carry on...

I stopped at Delhaize to grab some grub. Yet again I'm faced with the stone wall of language. Luckily my known word of 'kip' comes to an advantage.

I pick up:
kip sandwich filler
2 bread rolls
1 orange juice
2 doughnuts

yup, think that cost me a few euro which makes me more guilty of this whole spending money geeez.
I'm off again, bound for work. It starts snowing a little more heavily, not much just more, and more hurtful grazing on my face.
When I arrive I get greeted yay, greetings.

My day goes on, I'm actually working on my own now without direction from Serge which is a change.

He also comes up with saying 'want to come to Iceland with me?' at this point I'm thinking Iceland the supermarket and he mentions something about my own money, then he mentions flights I'm like whuuuuuuut?

'why are you going to Iceland??'
'to shoot a video'' I'm still contemplating on going but I need to see the price of tickets. and of course how long I must be with Serge haha.

I tell him about my incident with the bike on the way and I say it's all safe.

Simone who had dissapeared upstairs came back to her computer to find it flooded with mail from the advertisement for the new interior designer. I scoot over and we all have a giggle. There was some Egyptian guy who stated 'I am the man you're looking for!' haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,and he is a model and has a video of something. Did I mention he was about 47?? LOL

And the twins had sent more stuff too, man they're desperate!

I find myself, yet again, with Kurt looking over my shoulder. It does freak me out some, all I can do is put on my biggest, cheesiest smile and wait til he leaves. He does put me off my work when he does that, I hope he realises?

I stay in work extra because I arrived late and then I leave, avoiding the glass as I go and park my bike up outside. I need to do my washing today!! and some shopping for food, bleh. I'm cooking udon tonight after the one from Lin's I just need to use my udon and I had urge for it with some boiled egg, yum!!

My udon

sadly some fuck in the flat took the knife so I couldn't cut my egg which was still raw in the middle gah, cooked with some chicken and some coriander. Made some for my boss too lol.

Gala Nocturna